Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whoot there it is!

Kind of crappy picture, and by now we have all seen the new Surly X-tra cycle, but if you look to the right you can see the new color for the 2007 Cross Check. I have been working up a plan for a while that involves taking all the 10 spd Dura Ace, and mango King wheelset off the Cannondale and making an ultra pimp cross/ gravel...maybe a rack? type bike. I don't have as much fun on my road bike and if I really got a road jones I could always put skinnies on the cross bike. I bought the Jake the Snake when I thought the hurricane took all my other bikes just to have a bike and have missed havin' a cross bike ever since. I really like surly for what they do good bike good price good people, and rumor has it that there is a shop here in town that is one of the top 25 Surly dealerships on the planet:) Anyhow stoked on the color and the prospect of a winter time bike makin' project. Now if those chodes @ Trek would just get me my damn school bike frame back I could stop walkin' everywhere.

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BUTCH said...

Have i told you my personal story about my cross check?

We should discuss this further over a pint of beer at my clubhouse.