Saturday, September 30, 2006

Blow this pic up to full size and read the tag on the seat :(


Endurosnob said...

I tried and still can't read it. A little help?

ZDogg said...

E.T.A. spring 2007:(

Murderapolis, Fucking 40oz. said...

what say I see if I can help.
There might be a better picture somewhere, but the new Pacer's I've built are pretty hot. I like seeing the fruits of my labor all over the interweb. I like that my builds are getting press and reviewed by megazines.
Yep, I'm that type of primadonna now. help me tease my hair into some sort of zachesque feltchmode for the omega drainage into the thaihouse back pump.
I love you too Zach

Cornbread said...

You're such a whore Johnny. insert smiley face here