Saturday, September 30, 2006

Looks like everything is coming up Millhouse:)

Holly and I got up and rode out to the hut near 148th st. The weather was perfect and we saw a big ass bull snake. Went over to Brent and Tiff's last night, and Brent has some sweet ass old school drilled out Dura Ace stuff, I think Tony got pics. Oh, we got a
new place over on 22nd and C ,so house warming soon? If you get a chance Pick up one of those Swobo short sleeved wool jerseys from Nate and E to the P...Why you may ask? 'Cause that is the most comfy kick ass jersey ever, for real. That is all.

P.S. WTF is with all the lame graffiti @ the hut? We should give her a revamp, I have had a lot of good fun in that run down little shack and on the front lawn too.


Cornbread said...

The SEX graffiti in the background is priceless. I laughed about that one for quite a while. Thanks ZDogg.

3p0 said...

Holly stopped into the bar last night to say hello, and ask to go for a ride this morning, but she never called.

what happended to you guys, did you over sleep?

ZDogg said...

Next sunday loverboy:)but I was thinkin' about monday night too. the weather is awesome. Next sunday me you brent tiff dave martha and all who are down for a chill ride and some sundown beers?
Holla @ your boy:)