Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Questionable mental state?

How many times must I remind you? J-Rods bench zombie doesn't want bread from Yia Yias...he wants BRAINS! Oh, and nice bracelet. What, did you buy it off a monk or something? Bracelets suck, prayer flags rule!

....And Skip,
If you liked easter Fergie, behold, Spider Fergie!


Endurosnob said...

Spider Fergie looks afraid. Does Spider Fergie fear its own awesome power?

Btw, is that bracelet what is allowing Butch to levitate that spoon?

cvo said...

fergie looks great.

Anonymous said...

That's actually done by mind power.

"It doesn't matter scientifically how high you can levitate. Be it a mm of 10mm it just that you can do it."

Anonymous said...

of course i am joking...or am I?