Thursday, August 23, 2007

In your face you lazy eyed psycho...

So the other day I am takin' fergie for a walk and she takes a whaz in the yard of this 6 unit hate box down the big deal I have a bag for poo but wee is no biggie. All of the sudden this illeterate semi, if not fully, moronic dude comes out and starts screaming at me for like ten minutes about how hard it is to mow straight rows in the yard? I'm guessing he is the building manager, but not like Tony Toth, a shitty one at that. Anyway, turns out he has seen me around the neighborhood and proceeds to tell me my yard looks like shit because" you gots too many plants that ain't grass in yer yard. Ahem....cough..ahemn...cough cough, pardon me just clearing my throat bb4 I say. FUCK YOU DOUCHEBAG! Oh, looks like momma bunny put her nest in my yard cause of all the clover and non grass plant and on account of you suck soooooo very much that you would probably mow a straight row over my three new little friends. Gonna dump bleach on your yard, my rabbits kick ass and Fergie, who found the bunny's and didn't even touch them 'cause she is a kind soul like her Dad, will see you in hell.
Sorry for the rant,


Anonymous said...

Little bunnies :)

Beerorkid said...

they so cute

twas nice seeing ya