Wednesday, May 23, 2007



Cornbread said...

Four speed?

Chad said...

That is tight. Looks similar to what I have seen some trials guys do.
Question since I don't have your email: I'm setting up my Blur LT. DHX 5 or RP23 shock? The DHX is twice the weight and I'm trying to make it light. It think the RP23 will be fine. What do you think?

scott showen said...

that thing is filthy, quit riding it.

ZDogg said...

RP23, all the way! Look, you pedal like a street merchant! You want the Platform adjustability! If you were gonna jump off houses and stuff, sure DHX air or whatever. If you need a shock like that I would also reccomend you get a single pivot like the Bullit or the Zdogg special, Heckler. The fact of the matter is that you are faster than most guys on your bad days and I think you would be a prime candidate/benefactor of some RP23 technology.

Thanx 4 the ups,

3p0 said...

nice looking set up z.

hope to go ride with you sooner or latter,

maybe a lap at BO saturday

ZDogg said...

Midnight lap? Morning ? Sexy lap? I will be there allllll night and don't have to work! Feeling pretty good on the bike and bringin' my camera for the ninth anniversary of us gettin' silly and ridin' bikes by lakes:)
P.S. I will be there a little late if J-Rod hitches a ride. If not see you around 4:30-5:00

Chad said...

Thanks Zach. Maximum respect.