Thursday, November 30, 2006

Commuter bikes....

Cycleworks has had a lot of school/commuter bikes and quite a few of them have been Treks. Soto had a 970 that went by the name of "jet smoothe". 'Gast had 2x 990s. Wills had arguably the nicest with the 8700 carbon and aluminum that was stolen, recovered and then restolen. Mitch and Wills split time on the blue 8000 until the orange monster was gone for good, now it's all Matt. Anyhow, I was just thinkin' about it when I rolled out our bikes for a very cold ride home.


sda said...

dude, don't forget my 750 (that i got used from someone who traded a pair in at the works) - when i left i sold it to hermes, and then it went to chris i think. or something.

cracks me up to see that downtown when i get back that way.

riccisoto said...

whaddaya mean "had", you disrespectful punk? Jet Smoothe lives! LIVES DAMMIT!