Sunday, October 15, 2006

Game on for DAD'S BEER NIGHT from this Tuesday on...

This letter was written by our good friend Reg @ Duffy's, the guy who let us watch the tour @ the bar everyday and that bar is where we have all had many good times, holy crap it's where I met Holly. Anyhow he is tryin' to make Tues special for all of us again this winter and from now on. Anyhoo it reads as follows.

Let me just start out by saying “my bad”. Apparently, fifty cents is a deal buster and it was not my intention to price you out of the market. With that being said, we miss you all on Tuesday nights. Tuesdays were the most fun nights of all to hang out at Duffy’s with the 8-ball tourney, cool regulars, cheap beers and no distractions going on in the back room. I would like to invite you back with a few enticements in hopes of wooing back your affections.

First, tall boys are going back to a buck, all of them Old Style, High Life, Old Mil, Old Mil Light and Busch Light.

Second, hows about a combo special, say, a can o’ beer and a shot for $4? (However, please be merciful and don’t run us around all night making Kamikazes and Jamaican 10 Speeds. Hit the good stuff, Jager and Rumpy, etc.)

Third, at 9:00 pm, I’ll spot the first $20.00 in the jukebox for y’all to use as you wish. So, be here early and get your tunes on. (Go sparingly on the Metal, please. We would like the environment to be at least a little bit inviting to the fairer sex, too.)

Okay. That’s it. The long and short of it is we miss you and we’d love to see you back on Tuesday nights.



Tony T said...

It appears I don't need to keep this info on the DL anymore. RAWK! The Beer of Our Father is BACK!

-kw said...

Luke, I am my father.

ZDogg said...

If you are your father, then your "dad's" beer is actually your beer. If I steal a beer from you does that make me,in effect facillitated by theft, both your father and grandfather?