Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wanna watch the tour with yer buds everyday?

Let's do this everybody everyday 6-8 @ Duffy's. Support downtown and get your tour on. I'm tryin' to think of a prize that is worthy of your attention. Ivan Basso by 3:28. Anyhoo lets's all do this and it will only get cooler with more people and more time. Prolouge July 1st 6-8 pm, 5$ on Dave Z. to do it again, and if you got any sched ?'s or anything else call me @ 617-3898 or check . This is way better than baseball now lets do it. I will bug everyone until I can give somebody a slap on the ass everytime Paolo Bettini wins a stage and not have the guy at Russ's give me a funny look.


Cornbread said...

I'm gettin' pumped already.

sda said...

dude, the tour is soooo 1938. i'm not watching it ever again. its sucky. oooh yeah right ...

basso by about 4.

the cricket? you know you don't need him to win a stage for permission to slap my ass, gb.